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Creating Rapid Change… Schedule a Free Phone Strategy Session with Wahida who would be delighted to phone you at your preferred time to discuss any of your issues that you need help with and work out a plan for you.

Depression Anxiety Specialisty
Hypnosis Combined with Modern Rapid Transformation Methods to help you live your best life in the shortest possible time

Anxiety Specialist

Ascot Hypnotherapy
Creating Rapid Change... Schedule a Free Phone Strategy Session with Wahida who would be delighted to phone you at your preferred time to discuss any of your issues that you need help with and work out a plan for you.

Is this you?

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Heart Racing, Sweats, Excessive Worry, Overthinking, Low mood, not motivated ?

These are how my clients typically feel when they come to see me.

Have you tried lots of therapy types?

Are you fed up feeling unhappy?
Are you tired of overthinking and constant worry?
Do you feel stuck in this negative mindset?
Is Anxiety or Depression affecting your life, your work your relationships?

Would you like to make it go away forever?
Do you wonder if that is even possible?

That is my typical Client … I am usually the last resort after they have tried medication and counselling.

Have a browse through this website and read more about the methods used, find out and learn why change is rapid compared to conventional therapy. Watch the amazing client testimonials and case studies showing people just like you who felt stuck in life

Exerienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Cutting Edge Neuroscience Techniques to rapid change.

Lots of happy Clients since 2012, Although depressed clients tend not to tell people about Therapy the Ex Smokers do "tell the world" we have some great video testimonials from our happy Clients that were not too shy to go on camera.

Highly Skilled in many aspects of Hypnosis, Anxiety, Depression & Weight Loss & 1 Session Fast Phobia... Wahida sees more Smokers than any other client simply because they all send their friends to quit even from other cities and towns. Whatever your needs rest assured you will be in good hands with a caring, supportive non judgemental therapist that can guide you to a life without that heavy cloud weighing you down.

How Does the Anxiety & Depression Breakthrough Transformation Program Work?

Rapid Breakthrough ...not magic!

Hypnosis is not a one fix magic event. Only phobias take one session. Like layers of an onion years of issues can be removed fast and underlying causes of your symptoms are discovered at a subconscious level.  Hypnosis is a fast effective way instead of talking about it we can get to work and change your mindset and beliefs and traumas and significant events that maybe causing the problem.

This program is suitable for all Anxiety & Depression based issues that often lead to negative presenting symptoms like emotional eating or drinking, stress, overwhelm, intrusive thoughts, unwanted habits

To have a great positive and rapid outcome you will get a tailor made short program of just a few weeks for your unique circumstances this will involve face to face or skype sessions if you are international and some short home tasks. The Rapid Breakthrough Program is more than hypnosis or hypnotherapy alone as it combines many cutting edge neuroscience, NLP methods combined with hypnosis, with right brain and left brain imprinting for impressive results. The testimonial client videos speak for themselves. Do check them out in your research

Clear objectives and goals are set so they are easily met by the end of your Program. You will have a peace of mind knowing you won't be having months and months of single session therapy not knowing how much your investment will be. The norm in the therapy industry used to be single sessions spread over multiple months and some traditional therapist still stick to this slow change padded out over months and months coming back for 12 sessions to talk about it eventually costing thousands of pounds
Rapid change and transformation therapists work in a different way to get you better fast and living your best life.You will be advised on your strategy call what your rapid program will involve and the cost for your investment which is a fraction of months of therapy in the conventional way. So you can focus on enjoying your rapid change program knowing that Wahida will be working hard to achieve your therapy objectives fast and that you will not need further months of therapy bookings. So you can be on your way feeling fantastic


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