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Anxiety Attack & Depression Specialist Therapist Available for Therapy Online in your home using Zoom or Web Technology is highly effective if not better than in a clinic.  I also see clients in person in Wokingham if you prefer therapy in my therapy room


5 Years in a row Award Winner Top Rated in Wokingham



Corona Virus Social Distancing –  Stay at home and still get great customised therapy just as though you are sitting in the clinic.   Call to find out more by booking the strategy button.  


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Watch some of the client success videos to see if any resonate with you. These videos are only a few of the brave clients who have kindly agreed to film a video. There are many more that remain confidential.

Creating Rapid Change… Schedule a Free Phone Strategy Session with Wahida who would be delighted to phone you at your preferred time to discuss any of your issues that you need help with and work out a plan for you.



My Clients usually find me when they have tried the best clinics, multiple psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors….they are close to giving up..then they find me.  Watch their videos

Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

There are many more client videos like this on this website in the testimonials section. Maybe one of my clients stories resonate with you.  Due to the sensitivity of my clients issues most of my clients remain anonymous and I also see a lot of teens who are not on video.  I am honoured that these few brave clients on my website have agreed to be filmed in order to help someone else overcome their depression and anxiety and to give hope that it is possible to be free of Anxiety and Depression Permanently.

Anxiety Therapy Near Me

Anxiety Therapy Near Me

“Being Free from Anxiety is like getting a set of wings and flying away, free and light and happy”


Emotional and so happy for my young client who hadn’t been able to leave his house or garden in 3 months constant anxiety. Not been to school or out anywhere. Yesterday after our second session he was able to go down the road for a walk and travel 30 mins in a car to Windsor to choose a game in a shop!! I do love my job and the ability to help change this young boys life and confidence ❤️❤️❤️

Choose an Anxiety Depression Therapist who has experienced exactly what you have

I have suffered with both anxiety and depression in my life and know first hand what works and what doesn’t.  This has led me to becoming a therapist to help others who think they are stuck feeling this way.

Is this you?  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Heart Racing, Sweats, Excessive Worry, Overthinking, Low mood, not motivated ? These are how my clients typically feel when they first come to see me.

    • Have you tried lots of therapy types?

    • Are you fed up feeling unhappy?

    • Are you tired of overthinking and constant worry?

    • Do you feel stuck in this negative mindset?

Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

I work very differently to other therapists.
I don’t talk about it for months (counselling)
I don’t teach you breathing techniques (breathing)
I don’t teach you coping mechanisms (mindfulness)

I am not a session hypnotherapist who just gives suggestions therapy to change over months whilst you sit listening
I don’t look for triggers or try to modify your behaviour (CBT)

These are only masking the symptoms which are Anxiety or Depression.

Most therapists only focus on symptoms not the causes that is why it usually takes months and months to feel better and thousands of pounds.  This is not rapid change. Research and treatment methods have considerably advanced.  Sadly most therapists still teach coping and breathing and distraction.

This is a typical example of the type of client that I see.  Going to therapist after therapist who focus on symptoms and not actually resolving the issues. 






Lots more videos at the bottom of the page. Do look for one that resonates with you.  


Why is this different to CBT or Hypnotherapy?

Anxiety Therapy

CBT analyses your symptoms and you have to learn to modify your behaviour with coping strategies or breathing.  This means you will probably have to manage it forever.

Hypnotherapist typically hypnotise you then give you suggestions to feel more relaxed or let go of anxiety.  I do not do that either.  Anyone can hypnotise you to relax. Breathing and relaxing does not remove Depression or Panic Attacks it just eases it a little.

Instead I look at the real causes and eliminate the Cause of Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Depression.  This is why my therapy programs are very fast and permanently life changing.
Stop Dwelling on the past or fearful of the future

I help you to eliminate your negative intrusive thoughts finally.

Causes can be trauma, PTSD, unfulfilled in an aspect of your life, lonely, grieving the loss of a loved one or pet, bullying in the workplace or school, low self esteem, rape, abuse….and many more .

All these things can be causes of Anxiety, Depression and if not resolved can lead to eating disorders, poor body image, bulimia, anorexia, fears of going out in public, OCD, self harm, time off work because of panic attacks, strain on relationships.

Deal with the Roots and the Tree dies. The Symptoms …which are Anxiety & Depression are gone forever. Every Time….Permanently.

When you focus just on anxiety and not the cause this is why my clients had the poor outcome taking months and months of therapy talking about it or trying to manage it  at some of the best clinics around.  Watch my many video testimonials here on this site on the testimonials page.






Causes of Anxiety & Depression

Causes of Anxiety & Depression

A Client From USA so the whole 4 week therapy was done on Zoom.  It is possible to see people far away as I don’t have to touch you for great therapy. 


What is the Fast Track Anxiety & Depression Transformation Program All About? Is it just Hypnotherapy Sessions?

The Fast Track 4 Week Program is Not Just Hypnosis, Is not any of the above things and it is not suggestion hypnotherapy where you lie down and listen to a therapist giving commands.  This is not how we release Anxiety & Depression rapidly.

I use a combination of  Advanced Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Brain Training Methods,  Bi Lateral Brain Stimulation and Programming, NLP, Kinetic Shift  for a Rapid Transformation. I am also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing) EMDR is primarily used by psychotherapists and psychologists to overcome symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

 EMDR has been found to effectively transform other mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, phobias, and panic disorder. … EMDR is meant to break any associations you have between certain circumstances and symptoms.  EMDR is just one of the therapy tools that I use.

I use nearly a decade of experience and tools to release issues specific to each individual client which is resolved in the 4 week time frame instead of 6 to 8 months traditional therapy.  This type of transformation therapy is only suitable for those that want to get better fast so they can continue with normal happy lives.  If you are looking just to chat every week about your problems then a counsellor is the best choice for you.



Watch Me go with my client to a Covid Jab to test his fear after one hour of therapy in the car





Depression Anxiety Specialisty
Hypnosis Combined with Modern Rapid Transformation & Change Methods to help you live your best life in the shortest possible time

Anxiety Attack Specialist

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Creating Rapid Change... Schedule a Free Phone Strategy Session with Wahida who would be delighted to phone you at your preferred time to discuss any of your issues that you need help with and work out a plan for you.

Exerienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Cutting Edge Neuroscience Techniques to rapid change.

Lots of happy Clients since 2012, Although depressed clients tend not to tell people about Therapy the Phobia Clients do "tell the world so Wahida does a lot of Phobia work for publicity and exposure for Anxiety Clients to find her" we have some great video testimonials from our happy Clients that were not too shy to go on camera.

Highly Skilled in many aspects of Hypnosis, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Intrusive Negative Thoughts and Low Self Esteem & 2 hour Fast Phobia Elimination... Wahida sees more Anxiety Clients than any other client simply because they all send their friends to her even from other cities and towns as they have had rapid life transformations themselves. . Whatever your needs rest assured you will be in good hands with a caring, supportive non judgemental therapist that can guide you to a life without that heavy cloud weighing you down.


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