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Wahida Finlay

Ascot Hypnotherapy
Creating Rapid Change... Schedule a Free Phone Consultation with Wahida who would be delighted to discuss any of your issues that you need help with and work out a plan for you. All sessions are tailor made just for you, to your unique circumstances. Clear objectives and goals are set so they are easily met by the end of your Program.

Exerienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Cutting Edge Techniques to rapid change.

Lots of happy Clients since 2012, Although depressed clients tend not to tell people about Therapy the Ex Smokers do "tell the world" we have some great video testimonials from our happy Clients that were not too shy to go on camera.

Highly Skilled in many aspects of Hypnosis, Anxiety, Depression & Weight Loss & 1 Session Fast Phobia... Wahida sees more Smokers than any other client simply because they all send their friends to quit even from other cities and towns. Whatever your needs rest assured you will be in good hands with a caring, supportive non judgemental therapist that can guide you to a life without that heavy cloud weighing you down.


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