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Wahida Finlay

Wahida Finlay DHP, Adv Hyp, MNCP, KSP

Helping people with Anxiety for a decade

Anxiety Specialist Therapist

Wahida Finlay Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist from the Award Winning Royal Berkshire of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has been a full time Therapist for a decade helping people both in Berkshire and Internationally via Skype.Zoom Video therapy .  Top 3 Best Rated Award Winner for Wokingham in 2018, 2019 & 2020

She has trained in modern rapid ways to deliver amazing results in a only a few sessions and works in a very different way and using different cutting edge methods to most local therapists, learning the most up to date methods in neuroscience and PTSD training to deliver world class therapy to local and International Clients.

Over the years she has progressed with new courses and professional development and adapted how she works to now offer a new modern rapid type of hypnotherapy which she is passionate about. There are many videos on this site and on facebook showing these rapid methods and transformations.

These new methods that Wahida uses combined with Classic Hypnotherapy means that gone are the old hypno analysis way of digging up and reliving past trauma instead she focuses on removing the anxiety, the panic, the fear and making you feel better inside immediately so you can move on with your life.

Although Wahida is a qualified Psychotherapist she chooses to not rake up the past in this way. This means less risk of retraumatisation and working in these new methods of Content Free Hypnosis means that you don\’t even have to go into detail about your issues if you don\’t want to.

Clients begin to notice changes in how they feel after the first session and can be free from symptoms after 3-4 sessions (though everyone is unique and some people on occasion may require fewer or an additional session)


Wahida Finlay Hypnotherapy Advanced Rapid Methods to change how you feel so you can live your best life….find a solution plan for you and schedule a phonecall with Wahida