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Addiction  Hypnosis Program – Fast Track 4 Session Program

Addiction is everywhere all around us. Too many people are suffering and families are suffering.  Something that may have taken over your life for 10, 20 or even 30 years or more needn’t be a ball and chain around your neck.  Using the Addiction word can seem harsh for what maybe started out as a pleasure habit is now selling out your life, health and relationships if you are now excessively focusing on drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, porn, food, whatever that may be.

Addiction is a coping habit and when we carry out the addiction patterns of behaviour long enough the conscious act of using or taking the drug or escape route of no choice is taken over by your subconscious mind.

You may feel that you no longer have a choice about it – it has become wired in like a looped pattern into your subconscious.  This is what produces the feeling of compulsion, impulse etc.

Usually Addiction occurs if a personal aspect or multiple aspects of your life, of your basic human needs are not being met.  Whether it is unfulfilled job, lack of money, loss of a loved one, overworked, bad or no close intimate relationships and sometimes trauma can all be linked to an individuals cause of addiction.

Addiction or Compulsion ? There is a way out

Don’t be trapped any more…

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With the right hypnotic interventions work in such a way that they can easily be snapped out of the subconscious pattern loops and you can move onto leading a happy fulfilled life.

This session is a fast program because it needs you to fully commit and take part, you will get homework of listening to the hypnosis recording every night. The commitment to turn up for all your appointments on time and be fully involved and accepting the responsibility to make the change in your life.  The only person responsible for you is YOU!  I can help you and guide you and help reprogram your mindset and the unconscious level.  But you have to do the work.  I won’t click my fingers and make it gone forever…sorry it’s not that simple and I am not a fairy to grant wishes.

Hypnosis for Addiction…Whats that all about then?

I see so many clients after they have failed to improve after the 12 step program or CBT 15 weeks of counselling failed yet if we flick those switches and remove the deep rooted cause hypnosis is an amazing therapy.  I have seen 15 years of serious gambling clients in serious debt and 30 years of porn and sex addiction with relationships to the point of destruction simply disappear and not even thought about after just 3 sessions.

Clearing out the crap and loading it with positive healthy alternative ways of living, I don’t know what those ways are.. you find them, your subconscious mind finds the healthy ways, your subconscious mind also agrees to not act out any more with the right techniques.

On the other hand I have seen cocaine addicts who only come for one or 2 sessions then literally run away and scared to lose their crutch or deep down were forced by families and sadly I have not been able to help them as they can’t face their fears.

Lets get real…

I won’t cover you in pretty fluff and paint a rosy picture of life and I won’t judge you or tell you off in any way shape or form. I am here to support you and help you lead your best possible life.

I won’t work with clients who won’t commit or are not serious about change.  If your family is forcing you to seek help then we need to have a serious chat as I will be highly reluctant to work with you.  I have an incredible success rate and value my reputation as a respected member of the community that helps people.  My happy clients are my referrals who send people to me.

Usually clients come to me as a last resort, young girls and mums losing their driving licence through drunk driving, men who can’t work and support their families because they spend all the money they earn.  People in high standing jobs who need their alcohol drug binges to cope with their lives. Often I am approached when all the other methods have failed.  Sobbing at the destruction and carnage all around them.

Its OK you are here now and I am happy to have a chat and see if we are a good fit.   I am ready to clean up if you are.  Lets pull up our sleeves and get to work.

Whats involved?

The methods I use are rapid and take a matter of weeks to start working.  Each session 1 to 1 is private and tailor made to your unique issues.  Also you will get a hypnosis MP3 recording made by me relating to your addiction whether its alcohol or drugs, sugar etc and quite often I record them just for you if I don’t already have one with your issues on.





Addiction Hypnosis

Addiction Hypnosis Fast Track Program


Now What?

STEP 1 …..If you are interested in working with me and doing the 4 Session Fast Track Addiction Program – Click the Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call Red Button for a chat so we can understand what the problem is and get a deeper understanding and see if we are a good fit.




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