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Anxiety & Depression

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Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression 



Be Free From Anxiety

Be Free from Anxiety

“Being Free from Anxiety is like getting a set of wings and flying away, free and light and happy”


Choose a Therapist who has experienced exactly what you have

Is this you?  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Heart Racing, Sweats, Excessive Worry, Overthinking, Low mood, not motivated ? These are how my clients typically feel when they come to see me. 

  • Have you tried lots of therapy types?

  • Are you fed up feeling unhappy?

  • Are you tired of overthinking and constant worry?

  • Do you feel stuck in this negative mindset?

  • Is Anxiety or Depression affecting your life, your work your relationships?

  • Would you like to make it go away forever?   Do you wonder if that is even possible? 

That is my typical Client and that was also me…  I am usually the last resort after they have tried medication and counselling.

I was depressed

Having Suffered with Depression when I was 25 and offered medication by my doctor I fought hard to overcome it.  My boyfriend of 3 years cheated and got married to someone else whilst he was still seeing me..his clothes were still in my apartment so it was like a shock and trauma that brought my world tumbling down.  I was unhappy in my job also, I felt unfulfilled and very unhappy.  I understand first hand how it feels to not want to get up in the morning, not to be motivated, to feel hopeless and that my life had no purpose, I felt so low and it took a while to sort how I felt out and to get better. 

I had anxiety

I had a high pressure job in my 30s and developed a brief spell of anxiety when asked to present regularly in front of over 150 people.  This led to heart palpitations, sweats, fears, wanting to vomit.  This time I taught myself NLP to overcome my presentation fears and it went away as my confidence soared as I travelled the world presenting software.

Depression came back again this time with low self esteem.

Depression, low self esteem struck again when my marriage came to an end when I was 40 and had 2 small children. I had started emotional eating to cope with my unhappy life and was 3 stone overweight.  I quickly sought help and therapy. I felt so good so fast that I became a part time hobby fitness instructor in 2010 and started my education as hypnotherapist qualifying in 2012 so that I could help others and show them that it is possible to overcome depression and anxiety.  I know how it feels to feel depressed and low like a heavy cloud and I also know how liberated I felt when it went away.  I was able to overcome depression, low self esteem and end emotional eating.  I understand what my clients are going through and I know firsthand what works, what doesn’t work and that breathing and mindfulness doesn’t make it go away.  


How would it feel to be…

  • Free of Anxiety Confident and Happy – Every Single Day ! 

  • Feel Happy and Connected to your family and friends

  • Free from worry and no longer exhausted from overthinking and obtrusive thoughts

  • Able to go anywhere, do anything without panic or worry

  • Can enjoy fun and laughter without worrying if you will have an anxiety attack


If you would like a chat with me about how you feel to discuss your symptoms and to see if we are a good fit I am happy to have a strategy session with you. 

Please click the red button and schedule the best time and number for me to contact you and I will call you at your preferred chosen time. We will pin-point exactly what’s going on and I will show you how you can finally free yourself from anxiety and overcome your issue.

Making the decision to speak to a therapist is the hard part so I will call you at the time that you choose.  I am warm and non judgemental and most of all I have experienced what you have.  I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully be part of your journey to happiness and freedom from Anxiety & Depression. 

Helping my clients change their lives is rewarding and the reason why I am a therapist specialising in Anxiety & Depression. 


SCHEDULE YOUR FREE 30 MIN STRATEGY PHONE SESSION Wahida will Phone you at your preferred time



Still Not Ready to book your Phone Strategy Session – Watch someone suffering from Anxiety just like you who had been unhappy for many years. 

WATCH WAHIDA’S CLIENT VIDEO OF KELLY – Kelly talks about her 22 Year struggle with depression and dark thoughts.

Kelly was shutting herself away, not socialising and had stopped work for 3 months as felt unable to go to work.  She didn’t want to see people and felt overwhelmed and unhappy all the time.  Kelly had tried many types of therapy for depression and CBT and talking therapy and Reiki etc she thought this was her life forever.  Kelly did the 4 week Depression Program. 





WATCH WAHIDA’S CLIENT VIDEO of Someone just like you who was suffering from years of Anxiety & Depression-  13 years of Therapy, Mental health Clinics, Counselling, CBT and all her symptoms of Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Bulimia, Nightmares, Obtrusive Negative Thoughts remained …After joining this program were gone away by her 4th Session with Wahida, this is a typical outcome of clients who take this Fast Track Anxiety Program. 

Whether it is negative unhappy Thoughts, Bullying or grief and loss; if you feel unfulfilled and not happy in your life then  clinical hypnosis combined with rapid change methods, neuroscience, NLP and other rapid transformation methods that Wahida uses will leave you feeling better fast. 

Would you like to make some changes? 


Why Choose Wahida?  Why is this type of therapy different to any other therapist

I work very differently to other therapists.

I don’t talk about it for months (counselling)
I don’t teach you breathing techniques (breathing)
I don’t teach you coping mechanisms (mindfulness)
I don’t look for triggers or try to modify your behaviour (CBT)

These are only masking the symptoms which are Anxiety or Depression.

Instead I look at the real root cause and eliminate the Cause of Anxiety or Depression. 
Stop Dwelling on the past or fearful of the future
Eliminate negative obtrusive thoughts

Causes of Anxiety & Depression

Causes of Anxiety & Depression

Causes can be trauma, PTSD, unfulfilled in an aspect of your life, lonely, grieving the loss of a loved one or pet, bullying in the workplace or school, low self esteem, rape, abuse….and many more all these things can be causes of Anxiety, Depression and if not resolved can lead to eating disorders, poor body image, bulimia, anorexia, fears of going out in public, OCDDeal with the Roots and the Tree dies. The Symptoms …which are Anxiety & Depression are gone forever. Every Time….Permanently.

That is a typical outcome of my clients who have had months and years of therapy. 

The Fast Track 4 Week Program is Not Just Hypnosis, Is not any of the above things.
I use a combination of Neuroscience, Brain Training Methods, NLP, Kinetic Shift and Hypnosis to access to your subconscious mind for a Rapid Transformation.  Every single session is unique and different for each client that I see. I work according to your issues and your desired outcomes to enable you to experience rapid tranformation and life change. 

Deal with the Roots and the Tree dies. The Symptoms …which are Anxiety & Depression are gone forever. Every Time….Permanently. 





Rapid Changes are a typical outcome for my clients.  Watch this short video below of another person just like you who was very depressed and low and watch how he felt after his sessions. 

Tom was depressed, low mood, not motivated to exercise or work.  He was on medication for Depression and safely came off his medication after the Fast Track Anxiety & Depression Program


Watch Nikki Talk about Anxiety, Panic Attacks at random times, not able to go to work, and picking at her skin until bleeding for 6 years.  All gone using the Anxiety Fast Track Program.  Nikki drove all the way from Brighton each time just to work with me based on my reputation. 


Watch Will from Camberley Talk about his Depression and Grief gone using the Fast Track Depression Program.


Would you like help with an issue?

There are more video testimonials on the Testimonials Tab on this website.  Although Wahida Specialises in Anxiety & Depression she is a highly skilled Therapist in many aspects with years of experience.  Feel free to book a strategy call if you wish to discuss working on something that may not be mentioned here.  


Hypnosis Specialised Program – Fast Track 4 Session Program for Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety Depression Program


Watch Charlie go into a lift for the first time in 15 – 20 years.  Fear and Anxiety in enclosed spaces, locked cars. Usually feeling sick, heart racing, crying and panic.   All gone with Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift.  Less than 1 hour of therapy needed! Charlie came all the way from Aldershot to work with me.  One hour drive.