Anxiety & Depression

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Anxiety & Depression 

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We aren’t born with anxiety.  It was something created by the mind…so it can be uncreated, Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Panic are all linked to some extent.


Anxiety is a feeling of worry, apprehension or dread.  It is a natural reaction to situations that we find stressful and is part of the ‘fight or flight’ response that helps us deal with demanding events like sitting an important exam or interview or giving a speech.  Mild short term anxiety can help us to feel more alert and focused, as it causes the body tor release stress hormones to help it deal with the perceived threat.  Long term anxiety however can have detrimental effect on the mind and body.

Anxiety and depression are often linked and interchangeable and according to the Office for National Statistics, mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental health problem in the UK, affecting nearly 9% of the UK population or around four and a half million people in the UK.  This is because anxiety can be both a cause and a symptom of depression.

Do you dwell on the past or are fearful of the future always looping these habitual thought patterns until they absorb and fill your mind and your being?




If you suffer from symptoms like low mood, feelings of sadness, tearful, irritable, hopelessness, appetite changes(eating more or less than usual), fatigue, changes in sleeping patterns (sleeping more or sleeping less), and a lack of interest in those things that you normally enjoy doing or usually look forward to doing then it is likely that you are suffering from depression.

Usually if you focus on relieving depression the anxiety symptoms usually ease away too.

Some people get into a habit of always imagining the worst when what they want is the exact opposite.

Anxiety and Depression is in plain terms missing needs. Unfulfilled aspect of our lives which are needed for humans to be reasonably stress free and happy and in order to remain happy these basic human needs need to be satisfied.

Feeling anxious about stressful events is normal, but if you feel anxious most of the time for no particular reason or have irrational fears, and find that you are unable to function normally, you are highly likely to have an anxiety disorder.  



Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD is diagnosed when a person suffers from excessive worry and anxiety for most of the time over a period of 6 months or more along with at least 3 of the following symptoms:

Restlessness or feeling on edge, Fatigue, Irritability, Muscular tension, Difficulty in Concentrating or focusing on tasks, Problems falling asleep or staying asleep or having restless sleep

other physical signs of anxiety can include

Rapid shallow breathing, Feeling Faint, panic attacks, going to the toilet more, dry mouth, palpitations, trembling, headaches, sweating, chest pains, loss of libido, fear of dying, ..the list goes on to a lot more than this.

What Can you do about this?

There are lots of things you can do on your own to try to change how you feel, exercise, make plans to see friends or family, listen to music, watch happy or comedy films, pamper yourself, get fresh air.  Change your internal inner dialogue your negative mind chatter and turn it into positive self talk. Forcing your subconscious mind to only think and hear positives.  Some people find running helpful but  Wahida does not recommend it for depressed people as being alone with nothing to do other than think when running often drags a depressed person down.



How does hypnotherapy or Kinetic Shift or these other things work?  NLP EFT, Timeline, Kinetic Shift?  What are these things and how can they help you? 

Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift

Wahida has a toolbox of skills acquired over time.  Her training in Classic Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom techniques or tapping on meridian points allow you to alter your emotional state and feelings very quickly. Physical as well as emotional pain removal techniques often leave clients confused and a little bit surprised wondering what happened to their pain or suffering or anxiety to shift in this way. 

Wahida is a caring and supportive therapist, non judgemental and confidential. She will help you and guide you and work together with you to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Your issues are assessed and objectives set so that you have clearly set goals to work towards. 

Wahida will assess each client individually and use any of the above tools that can help those unique issues to you.  It is not limited to any one tool but she reaches into her skills to use what will get the best outcome for you.  These techniques are not Hypnotherapy. They are Hypnotherapy with a rocket launcher attached to it. 

As a Kinetic Shift Practitioner she can incorporate that into any of her sessions to rapidly shift your panic attack, anxiety and that horrible feeling you can feel inside.

Kinetic Shift is a method to help with Anxiety, Post Trauma, Weight loss and so much more. It’s ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC and ENERGISING. The key thing about Kinetic Shift is not just a technique, it’s the experience and confidence building that goes with it. Kinetic Shift is content free, so it is not necessary to disclose to the therapist the nature of the issue.

Kinetic Shift is content free, that may astound you, the Practitioner doesn’t need to know…. in fact the client doesn’t know most of the time but that will transpire in your session and those “I never thought it was that or I thought I has dealt with that moments happen in a Kinetic Shift Session. The Kinetic Shift process is not classical therapy, its a process that is quick and will make changes fast.

Kinetic Shift has now been taught in over 16 countries in 18 months.  This is changing the way Therapists work, globally.

It uses Eye Move It Technique to access both parts of your brain, NLP Anchoring, Alerting the state, Backfilling with positivity and happiness to leave you feeling amazing.

This is why with this type of rapid shift work you only need 4 sessions to feel amazing not 8 or 10 or more like other therapists. Deep rooted issues even lifelong issues can be removed and dealt with and left in the past in single sessions, sometimes moments then you can focus on rebuilding the happy you.

As it is content free you do not have to relive and your past trauma or get retraumatised again.   Those days of talking about your problems for weeks on end and not seeing outcomes are truly over.  Hypnotherapy is great but with a set of skills like this Wahida has invested heavily in making sure her knowledge and expertise is up to date in order to help her clients fast.

Working in this way means it is a caring environment, pain free, stress free, drug free and a way to leave those old feelings well in the past. 


Whats involved?

The methods that Wahida uses are rapid and take a matter of weeks to start working.  Each session 1 to 1 is private and tailor made to your unique issues.  Also you will get a hypnosis MP3 recording made by Wahida relating to your anxiety depression or low self esteem. This enables you to have a full hypnotherapy session at home every single day creating amazing changes in a short space of time so you feel better in record time. 

Anxiety Depression

Anxiety Depression Program


Now What?

STEP 1 …..If you are interested in working with Wahida and doing the 4 Session Fast Track Anxiety /Depression Program – Click the Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call Red Button for a chat so we can understand what the problem is and get a deeper understanding and see if we are a good fit.




A brave anxiety & depression Client Testimonial - Will

Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality it is very rare to get a testimonial for depression or anxiety  Wahida has never been one to put Mr X from Reading said….. as anyone can write that.  She has chosen to put a few real genuine video proof testimonials of those brave and willing enough to be on camera.