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Buy Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis Recordings are an affordable way of creating amazing changes. It is like having your own therapist at home. The recordings have been created at mostly around 30 mins so you actually do make time to listen to them. There is a 10 minute express one too so you absolutely can experience amazing feelings to suit your lifestyle.

These recordings contain powerful hypnotic suggestions, do make sure you are somewhere safe and comfortable and will not be disturbed. Do not drive or operate machinery whilst using these. They work best with ear or headphones.

Sometimes you will start to feel and see changes immediately after just one listen sometimes it can take a few listenings. Science has shown it can take anything from 30 days to 60 days to create lasting change so do try to listen as often as you can and make time in your day to change your mindset to live a happy life.

Whilst there are recordings here for various issues. These are suggestion type recordings; meaning they help to fill your mind with positive suggestions relating to that topic to create new changes.

The sessions in clinic or skype are one to one with a therapist are different to these recordings. Face to face sessions with a therapist are interactive and remove your underlying issues and blocks. These are impossible to deal with in recordings as they are unique for each individual, it could be childhood issues, grief, trauma you may have experienced, break up in a relationship which have led to you feeling depressed or low or eating negatively or have low self esteem.

Whilst these suggestion type recordings will help you to see great positive changes we are only helping you to make you feel better and experience change and not actually removing the issue that personalised therapy does. So these are a great start on your journey to wellness and mindset change.

Once you have used the recordings if you love working with Wahida please get in touch if you would like to progress to unique sessions just for you to solve your issues.

These recordings are an enhancement to your life they are not meant to replace a medical doctor or medication.

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