Client Testimonials - Anxiety Specialist Wahida Finlay

Client Testimonials

Choose to work with a Therapist that has real client video reviews

Choose to work with a Therapist that has real client video reviews. Not a therapist with no reviews or anonymous reviews. It is hard due to the sensitive nature of my work to get many anxiety or depressed clients to speak on video. I have a few here talking of their experiences and also some phobia and other types of clients. As I specialise in Anxiety I also see a lot of Fast One Session Phobia Clients for Publicity so that people with Anxiety can find me. As you can imagine depressed anxious people don’t want anyone to know they felt that way. I have been a therapist since 2012 seeing hundreds of clients over the years and perfecting my techniques and deliver amazing rapid permanent change with my clients. Please take a few minutes to watch my videos. I also have many google reviews.

I have only in the last few months started asking for reviews so these are all only recent clients.

I don’t write anonymous reviews like other websites. Mr X says this therapist was wonderful … I choose for you to see my real satisfied clients who verify my work.

Although I am an Anxiety & Depression Specialist and they form the majority of the clients that I see I am also trained in many aspects and can help with many issues. OCD, Phobia, Fears, intrusive obsessive and Negative Thoughts, Body Dysmorphia, Bulimia, Anorexia and Emotional eating.  Many of these issues are linked to an underlying Anxiety or Depression anyway from my experience.

Fear of Enclosed Spaces and Lifts Watch Charlie from Aldershot go into a lift after 15 – 20 years living with this fear. I specialise in Anxiety and Depression now but these are some of my previous clients from a few years ago that I have helped with my Quit Smoking Fast Program that are happy to endorse my skills.