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Online Therapy

Therapy is easy from anywhwere in the world via Zoom or Phone Whatsapp Video lots of choices for you. It is easy and effective I see clients from all over the UK and other countries using this method.

Clients find they are more relaxed, less anxious about having therapy as they are in their own private space. Great results as clients are not anxious at all about going out in Covid-19 alert and social distancing in place as you are at home. This is safe and you still get great therapy.

Online Anxiety Therapy
Online Anxiety Therapy

Online Anxiety and Depression Therapy is now available to everyone in any country via Zoom or Whatsapp Video or Facebook messenger video. I originally started seeing people from other parts of the UK that wanted to work with me but were too far to travel, this has now spread to parts of Europe and other parts of the world.

There is nothing holding us back and is the same as if you were right here face to face with me. We can have great highly effective therapy. And if you are suffering from Anxiety or Depression and don’t wish to leave the house then this is a great way to get the therapy that you need fast.

If you are looking for a Skype or Zoom Online Anxiety Specialist then you can work from the comfort of your own home

Your town or country does not matter any more ! As long as you have a reasonably fast internet connection and a computer with a webcam and microphone then we can work together. You can even use your phone as well so don’t worry if you don’t have a computer or laptop or tablet.

We can even have an initial strategy session for FREE !

Schedule Your Free 30 min Strategy Phone Session

You may even find that being in your own home environment really helps to make you feel safe and secure.

Just make sure you have a relaxing seat or cushion behind your head, no distractions, mobile phones switched off. The cat, the dog and children do not need you and will not wander in during the session.

You must be in a quiet place for the whole session where no one will disturb you and we are good to go.

We will need a strategy session before we schedule any sessions to make sure we are a good fit and I can send you a booking and payment links.

 All prices and the solution package for you is discussed during the phone strategy session and you will be sent a booking link and can pay via any debit or credit card. So do Click the red button and schedule a call.

I look forward to working with you soon.