Phobia – Fast Fears & Phobia 1 session Method

Phobia or Fear? Do you have an irrational fear? 

Where did it come from?



We were not born with fears and it is something that we have learned from others or imprinted some sort of old trauma or event in our minds that we have trapped in our minds.


Old thought patterns

 The Fast Phobia 1 session is relatively simple to do, has no retraumatisation involved.  Only 1 session is needed however on rare occasion or some deeper unknown reason it occasionally needs a second session using alternative methods.  There is no guarantee that your phobia goes in one session alone but most of our clients are very happy with how they feel after a Fast Phobia Session.

Whether it is fear of flying, fear of buttons, fear of birds, fear of driving on motorways or fear of needles. Wahida has done a lot of phobia sessions and has multiple techniques to use to hopefully meet your needs. 



Fear of injections

Fear of Injections Fear of Needles

Phobia 1 Session Program can help you change permanently

The session is 50 minutes long.  An in depth assessment is done to find your unique issues and go straight into your session.  Session maybe eyes open rapid method. Not necessarily hypnosis.  We don’t always need to know the cause of the phobia. We need to just not make you afraid so you can carry on living a happy life without any irrational fears or phobia. 


Are you going to continue on living in fear or are you ready to make a change?


Don’t be trapped any more…

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying



With the right hypnotic interventions work in such a way that they can easily be snapped out of the subconscious pattern loops and you can move onto leading a happy fulfilled life.


Whats involved?

The methods that Wahida uses rapid the phobia method is immediate to start working.  





Phobia Session


Now What?

STEP 1 …..If you are interested in working with Wahida and doing the Fast Phobia 1 Session- Click the Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call Red Button for a chat so we can understand what the problem is and get a deeper understanding and see if we are a good fit.

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