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The Blueprint

An immersive experience designed to engage the Deeper Mind to complete the work of my clients.

The Blueprint System
The Blueprint Content Free Hypnotherapy System

Every human being has a clean, unbroken, unpolluted version of themselves….before life got in the way.  Loss, pain, disappointment, regret, fear, pain, trauma, bereavement, guilt, alcohol, weight, drugs, addiction, OCD, obtrusive negative thought loops.

All the things that come along in our lives that alter that clean version of ourselves …from the moment we are born

…and that is what we call “The Blueprint”

Each of those elements that happen to us or to others around us can distort our Blueprint. Therefore our feelings/beliefs about ourselves our life, our emotional responses can become distorted by events.

‘The Blueprint’ is not change-work. The change in my clients come from total release of what’s occupying the sub-conscious mind. A clean, clear, lasting remedy.

The Blueprint Mind Reset

The BluePrint Mind Reset

Can you think about what it would be like to reset your mind so that all the bad stuff from the past can be removed and leave no emotional attachment that drags you down or holds you back in life?

I’m excited to tell you about a new hypnotherapy procedure I have been trained in 2018 as part of my own professional development. It’s called “The Blueprint Content Free Hypnotherapy System”.

What is does is basically reset your mind so that all the junk and bad stuff that you’ve built up over the years is released so you can basically start with a clean slate. It is content free so you don’t have to rake up anything bad from the past to do it.

The Blueprint System has had such fantastic results that I use it as the first session in all of my Programs as it removes so many issues and we start therapy without the burdens my clients walk in with. So if you book your Anxiety or Depression Program with me you will be sure to get The Blueprint Experience for yourself.

If you are not ready to book a Program with me or don’t feel you need The Fast Track 4 week Anxiety or Depression Program but just need to feel a bit better about life then I do offer The Blueprint as a Standalone Therapy which is just one hour. It is content free and we don’t need to discuss your issues. If it is embarrassing or not something you wish to talk about The Blueprint is perfect for you.

Most of my therapy at my Practice is content Free anyway as I am not a counsellor so I usually just get a brief understanding and we get straight to work. Its a better way of working as raking up past trauma will often traumatise both of us so my methods are a safe and calm way of removing issues.


With the Blueprint we just get to work straight away and make you feel great again! It may not remove every single past trauma and issue which is why I have a Program Package to deal with complex issues; but it is a great starting point and starts you off on a clean blueprint if you like and you will leave your Blueprint Session feeling wonderful.


As part of my training I personally underwent the procedure and I can honestly say that I felt so good after. Having lost my father a few months prior I was still letting go of grief so having the Blueprint done on myself was the last little bit I needed to feel myself again. It was a truly amazing experience. I came away feeling lighter and still do!

A Standalone Session of The Blueprint is £150

So if you would like to have the Blueprint Therapy do book a Strategy Call and I will send you a booking link to pay and choose your appointment date and time.  

**Special Offer**  If after taking the Blueprint Session you wish to continue with further therapy I can deduct the full price of this from my Fast Track Program and you can continue with my Anxiety / Depression Program remaining 3 Sessions and get your MP3 recording to use every day at home.  

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The Blueprint Content Free FAQ


Does it wipe out your memory?

No which absolutely not! What it does is release the negative emotions associated with the past. So that if you ever think about them again it doesn’t bother you in the same way.

Will I still remember the bad things from my past?

People report that the bad past memories lose the painful feelings associated with those memories. When the pain is removed you are unlikely to feel the need to revisit past painful memories.

How long does it take to do it?

The full session lasts approximately an hour.

*Results vary from person to person. I make no guarantees regarding results. Everyone is different and will experience different things during and after the procedure. As everyone has different past issues The Blueprint will be different each time and varies from person to person. For complex issues more sessions will definitely be needed so a therapy package would be advised which are only 4 session Package and you will get an MP3 hypnosis recording as part of my Anxiety/Depression Fast Track Solution Package. I rarely see clients more than 4 or 5 times as these techniques are so powerful and effective. Book a Strategy Call now to choose what is right for you!